February 21, 2024


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Funniest Bitcoin Scams

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Funniest Bitcoin Scams

I have just recently started trading on Bitcoin Revolution, a website that I found on Suomiarvostelut. However, before I was able to start doing so, I did a bit of research on what I should be doing when trading with Bitcoin.

Because of what I was googling, managed to find my way onto some rather interesting mailing lists. I have to applaud these scammers, even though I live in Finland. They’re all over the world, some of them can come up with some rather creative ideas for how to convince me to try and give them some of my bitcoins.

Video Evidence

You’ve heard those stories. Your friends are telling you that they’re sure somebody is hiding in their laptops webcam and watching everything they’re doing.

Of course, you know that’s true, and they’re just being paranoid.

But what if it was?

Some scammers have taken that idea and used it to their advantage.

I was checking my spam folder one day when I saw an email that told me somebody has obtained footage of me masturbating. If I didn’t send them €1000 in bitcoin, they would share the footage with everyone on my contacts list.

I never gave him that money, but funnily enough, I don’t think anyone on my contacts list ever saw it.

Kind celebrity

Most of us will have dreamt about becoming friends with our favourite celeb. Maybe you want to knock back a few beers with Mike Tyson, or perhaps have a girls day out with Kylie Jenner.

Some scammers will pretend to be a celebrity who has lost their card and just needs some money for a new pair of boxing gloves or a new lip gloss.

Funnily enough, they don’t ask their real friends for some money, they ask you, a stranger, for some bitcoins.

But it’s okay because if you do it, they’ll be good friends with you.

Rich Prince

This next one is one of the more classic scams, but good none the less. It’s when you get contacted by a prince who tells you that the two of you are closely related, and he wants to give you some of his money.

But the only problem is (apart from the fact it needs to be done in Bitcoin) is that he needs you to send some money first, to make sure the transactions have all gone through okay.

But as soon as you send him €1000, he’ll send you €1 million.

Buy my course

The final one isn’t about people trying to get Bitcoin, it’s more about people who are trying to sell you Bitcoin, or at least knowledge on how to trade them.

You’re more likely to see this kind of scam on YouTube than on Email. But the idea is that if you pay €1000, you’ll be taught everything you need to know about Bitcoin, and certainly won’t just be shown vapid speeches about how great you are.

Just because scam artists are using new tricks, doesn’t mean they’ve gone away. Make sure to always be critical of them.

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