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Personal Property Tax Bills Due Oct. 5

Personal Property Tax Bills on all vehicles and business equipment based in the City of Falls Church are due on Oct. 5 or postmarked by that date, to avoid late payment penalties.

Taxpayers can avoid the lines and pay their car taxes online. The current bill can be accessed online at: by entering the PPID number, or the 2020 bill number. It takes 24 hours for a change made in the Commissioner’s Office to then appear online in the form of a bill reduction.

Taxpayers can pay online with a credit card, which includes a 2.95 percent convenience fee charged by the online vendor, or they can pay for free by using an e-check, or send in the amount due with the bill in the U.S. Mail, or they can drop it off at the new City Hall Drop Box, located next to the West Wing Entrance to City

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Funniest Bitcoin Scams

I have just recently started trading on Bitcoin Revolution, a website that I found on Suomiarvostelut. However, before I was able to start doing so, I did a bit of research on what I should be doing when trading with Bitcoin.

Because of what I was googling, managed to find my way onto some rather interesting mailing lists. I have to applaud these scammers, even though I live in Finland. They’re all over the world, some of them can come up with some rather creative ideas for how to convince me to try and give them some of my bitcoins.

Video Evidence

You’ve heard those stories. Your friends are telling you that they’re sure somebody is hiding in their laptops webcam and watching everything they’re doing.

Of course, you know that’s true, and they’re just being paranoid.

But what if it was?

Some scammers have taken that idea … Read More

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Black woman face uphill fight in business

Zoe Nicholson
| Erie Times-News

GREENVILLE, S.C. – As a Clemson University student in the ’90s, Nekita Sullivan and her friends had to pile in a car and drive to Greenville, Seneca or Anderson for Black beauty products and hair care. 

The inconvenience of traveling two or three towns over for beauty care gave Sullivan an idea: a multiethnic beauty bar where students and university employees of all races and hair textures could go in the heart of downtown Clemson. 

Sullivan finally realized that dream after more than 20 years, but she didn’t know how difficult it would be. 

Women, especially women of color, face more obstacles than their white, male counterparts when opening a small business, according to Ana Parra, director of the newly opened Women’s Business Center in Greenville, S.C.

For Sullivan, it took nearly three years after signing a lease in downtown Clemson, to customize her salon

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Oculus Owners Are Attempting To Make Facebook Accounts Without Their Personal Information And Getting Banned

This is turning out to be another notch in the belt of pessimists around the world, as users that are attempting to unlock the full functionality of the Oculus device by creating Facebook accounts are having their account disabled by Facebook for not having enough personal information offered to the social media giant.

This continues to come to a head years after the Facebook acquisition of one of the first personal VR devices, Oculus, where the Oculus founder stated that users would not be forced onto the Facebook platform in spite of the acquisition.

This was untrue, as Oculus belaboredly announced recently that owners of the VR system will experience a hefty drop regarding the functionality of the Oculus devices unless they create, and sign-in, to an account with Facebook.

Concerning to many, as Facebook has been developing an interesting personality of selling any user information possible while proving as

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Better Business Bureau: Government impostor scams prey on fear during pandemic | Local

“Government impostor scams are most effective in preying on innocent people because of the level of personal information used and the threats they make toward victims,” Tyler Andrew, CEO of BBB NWP, said. “It’s important for consumers to stay diligent, recognize the signs and avoid these costly scams as they have become very sophisticated and are constantly evolving to improve their effectiveness.”

Whether the scammer purports to be a tax official, a representative from the Social Security Administration or a law enforcement officer, these con artists have a few things in common. Their con is predicated on using fear and intimidation to trick victims into turning over personal information or money, (often in the form of gift cards).

These scammers also threaten legal action or jail time if you don’t pay up. Scammers may tell consumer that their Social Security number has been associated with a crime, or may threaten

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Danny De Gracia: We Need More Than A Restaurant Cash Card For The Jobless

Long before the pandemic, Hawaii residents were already struggling to make ends meet by razor-thin margins. Between high costs of living and wealth inequality, not only living in Hawaii, but staying planted in Hawaii was a supreme test of endurance.

And then, early this year, the coronavirus found its way into Hawaii and turned everything we knew upside down. Even as infections started to spread and fears of overwhelming the health care system started to flash, many people and businesses didn’t want to shut down or stay home, even if it meant risking severe illness or death.

The desire to “open up, no matter what” is completely understandable. We’ve grown somewhat accustomed to the spinning hamster wheel economy of Hawaii, where sleeplessness is the highest in the nation, where individuals work multiple jobs, and where entrepreneurs have an all-or-nothing, bet-the-farm approach to staying in business.

Most claim that they are

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Business Email Compromise – Cipher

We are kicking off Cybersecurity Awareness Month by looking at a pervasive scam technique that criminals have used for years in order to defraud companies and individuals. This scam is known as Business Email Compromise, also referred to by its acronym “BEC.” As a 2020 Cybersecurity Month Champion, Cipher is planning to release informative content throughout the month to educate our audience.

At its heart, BEC relies on the oldest trick in a scammer’s handbook: Deception. The level of sophistication in this multifaceted global fraud is unprecedented, and professional businesses continue to fall victim to the scheme. Cipher has seen cyber criminals target organizations of all size and industry in every U.S. state and nearly every country around the world.

According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Business Email Compromise is carried out by transnational criminal organizations that employ lawyers, linguists, hackers, and social engineers. Since they started

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Save or spend? Small business plea to open wallets

a man and a woman posing for a picture

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Spend up large, your country needs you. That’s the message from a survey of small businesses, but it runs counter to most Kiwis’ conservative instinct to avoid ostentatious consumerism, writes Jonathan Milne.

Eddie Rodrigues is grateful for the way his local community has supported the butcher’s shop he and his aunt run. In the tough times this year, they’ve even had calls from locals offering to do delivery runs, for free, to elderly folk who couldn’t leave their homes.

Most of all, he is thankful for the way they have come back with their wallets open. Grey Lynn Butchers shop had to close during the first lockdown – but now they’re trading better than ever.

His message to the community: please keep spending. Your economy needs you.

That’s reflected in a survey of more than 500 small to

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Hillicon Valley: Subpoenas for Facebook, Google and Twitter on the cards | Wray rebuffs mail-in voting conspiracies

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill’s newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley. If you don’t already, be sure to sign up for our newsletter with this LINK.

Roger Wicker wearing a suit and tie: Hillicon Valley: Subpoenas for Facebook, Google and Twitter on the cards | Wray rebuffs mail-in voting conspiracies | Reps. raise mass surveillance concerns

© Bonnie Cash
Hillicon Valley: Subpoenas for Facebook, Google and Twitter on the cards | Wray rebuffs mail-in voting conspiracies | Reps. raise mass surveillance concerns

Follow our cyber reporter, Maggie Miller (@magmill95), and tech reporter, Chris Mills Rodrigo (@chrisismills), for more coverage.


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SUBPOENAS COMING SOON: The GOP chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee is planning to subpoena the executives of Google, Facebook and Twitter to testify at an Oct. 1 hearing on the law that gives tech companies a legal liability shield if they do not agree to appear voluntarily by Thursday night.

A spokesperson for the committee confirmed to The Hill that Sen. Roger Wicker

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Tarot prediction for September 20-26, what’s in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs

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SPIRITUAL MESSAGE: When you don’t compare, all inferiority, all superiority disappear. Then you are, you are simply there. Just look around. All is needed, and everything fits together. It is an organic

unity; everybody is incomparably unique, says Osho, the Zen master.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Beware of destructive logic and negative attitudes when stressed in personal or professional aspects. It’s important to drop anxiety about material aspects! You can get stuck in a head-trip if you are not aware! You are firm and clear about priorities and values for others to respect them. Intellectual activity is rewarding and lucrative. Professional aspects move ahead smoothly. You are likely to work with young people or children. It’s time to break through old mindsets and emotional blocks as opportunities are passing you by.

Lucky Number: 13 Lucky Colour: Sea Greens

TAURUS (April 21 – May21)

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