Day: September 17, 2020

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Survival Schemes: 3 Practical Tips to Keep Your Small Business Afloat During a Pandemic

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has truly reached a global scale. Several countries set up travel limits, or even bans to keep the infamous virus outside their perimeters. Government health officers, along with the hospital staff, are trying to maintain an excellent level of patient care, while preparing for the worst.

In times of trials, staying calm and optimistic can be hard. On the bright side, for business heads and entrepreneurs, staying composed under stress is part of the day’s work.

By taking bold and calculated actions now, you can set your business in a better position to remain strong and heal faster once the pandemic effects dwindle. To begin, here are some key plans and methods to help a business rally from coronavirus.

Think About Getting a Personal Loan

Usually, personal loans are a superb idea when entrepreneurs use it to support or raise their financial

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Private Jet Travel Buying Tips For Companies And Business Travelers

Over the past four months, personal travel has helped the private aviation industry move from a nearly 80% drop in April to within 20% of pre-COVID-19 flight levels.

Those discretionary flights have been a combination of existing customers, first-timers, and returning users. For the latter, think retired CEOs and business owners who are in the high-risk age demographic, but previously didn’t see the value of extra cost versus time savings and convenience.

Of course, those who benefit most from private flights are business travelers who absolutely, positively have to be there, something that’s harder than ever to accomplish flying the airlines.

And then of course there is the risk, both to employees and customers, partners, or whomever else you are flying to visit. As you have probably heard by now, door-to-door, private flights have less than 20 touch points. That compares to over 700 possible opportunities to come in contact

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Fintech competition is key to a better finance sector

As McKinsey says: “Most jobs created by technology are outside the technology-producing sector itself. We estimate that the introduction of the personal computer, for instance, has enabled the creation of 15.8 million net new jobs in the United States since 1980, even after accounting for jobs displaced.”

The technology bogeyman which caused consternation during the 2016 federal election in Queensland may have been slain by COVID-19.

One big dividend of the pandemic is that technology has shown its worth in everyday life. Electronic prescriptions, food delivery via phone applications and virtual AGMs have kept us going.

The technology bogeyman that caused consternation during the 2016 federal election in Queensland may have been slain by COVID-19.

A positive disposition to technology is one thing. The next thing is to have a plan for Australia to be competitive. The plan to be competitive in FinTech is the same plan for Australia to

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A New Article Explains How Age Influences Car Insurance Rates – Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / ( has launched a new blog post that presents how the age of drivers can affect the premium paid on car insurance.

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There are multiple factors that go into determining the rates drivers will pay for car insurance: the make and model of the car, its age, where the driver lives, and more. One of the biggest factors in determining the premium cost is the age of the policyholder. Some age groups, like teen drivers and old drivers, are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents. For this reason, insurance providers charge more on the premiums paid by these groups.

Based on the age of the policyholder, car insurance rates can be affected as follows:

  • Teen drivers. Teens cause more accidents than any other age group
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Walmart Plus price, release date: $98 for annual membership

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Walmart Plus Home Screen 4x3

Walmart; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

  • Walmart+, the company’s Amazon Prime competitor, has launched at last on September 15. 
  • The annual Walmart+ subscription price costs $98 per year compared to Amazon’s $119 per year Prime subscription. You can also pay $12.95 per month.
  • The service includes same-day delivery of over 160,000 in-store items like groceries and general merchandise, a Scan & Go feature that lets you pay for items with the Walmart mobile app while you shop at physical Walmart stores, as well as a five-cent discount on fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations.
  • Read everything you need to know about the Walmart+ shopping subscription service here and see how Walmart+ vs. Amazon Prime shakes out on launch day.

Amazon Prime has officially met its first true challenger in Walmart+, the premium retail subscription from

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