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How the Fed could push mortgage rates even lower this week

Both homebuyers and homeowners are loving today’s record-breaking mortgage rates, which have been averaging less than 3% for the very first time. As rates have made history this month, mortgage applications have been rising.

Borrowers owe the Federal Reserve a big thank you for the plunging rates on new and refinance home loans, and Fed policymakers who meet this week could help push them even lower.

America’s central bank is expected to stick with and even sharpen its coronavirus-fighting policies that have driven interest rates down. Fed officials also are likely to spread more gloom about the economy — and when Fed chief Jerome Powell and his colleagues get grim, mortgage rates tend to drop.

What the Fed is likely to do

Paul Brady Photography / Shutterstock

Let’s get this out of the way first thing: No one’s expecting the Fed to make any changes in interest rates this

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After an online push, Folsom football player gets chance to rehab from brain injury

Since May 12, former Folsom football player Dylan Richard has been in a hospital after suffering a traumatic brain injury while skateboarding in El Dorado Hills.

Richard spent the first three weeks at UC Davis Medical Center and the last six at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. On Wednesday morning, Richard left Kaiser to be transported to Craig Hospital via air ambulance. Craig Hospital is located in the Denver suburbs and specializes in TBI injuries.

His mom, Cindy Manzo, joined him on the ambulance flight to Colorado.

“I’m so super excited,” Manzo said. “Super excited that we are out (of Kaiser). He needs that level of care and focus. I’m super excited he’s finally going to Craig Hospital.”

Only two visitors per patient are allowed at Craig Hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions. Cindy Manzo and Dylan’s dad, Paul Richard, will switch off every two weeks so someone is with their son

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Democrats, unions redouble push to move NLRB elections online

Democrats and unions are stepping up pressure on the National Labor Relations Board to conduct its elections electronically to avoid the risks of in-person voting during the pandemic but are clashing with conservatives warning about fraud — mirroring the debate in the presidential race.

The NLRB, which oversees the elections that determine whether workers may form unions, is forbidden from collecting votes electronically by language included in every congressional appropriations bill since 2012. Now, as social distancing requirements continue to jeopardize in-person voting, labor groups want Congress to delete that language from fiscal 2021 spending packages and direct the agency to form its own electronic election system.

Republicans and right-to-work groups counter that conducting elections electronically opens the door to fraud and coercion on the part of labor organizations, echoing a charge that President Donald Trump has leveled at efforts to expand mail-in voting in the November election.

“The risk

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Will City Council Push For Mask Wearing Enforcement At Meeting?

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — The time may have come for Manhattan Beach city officials to find a way to enforce the state’s mask mandate. As COVID-19 numbers continue to increase in the city and throughout the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s latest order yesterday to again close many businesses may have spurred a deeper need to rethink mask enforcement.

“Due to the increase in cases and the lack of compliance, I believe we need to have enforcement past the ‘voluntary state,’ unfortunately,” Manhattan Beach Mayor Richard Montgomery told MB Patch. “Facial coverings and social distancing rules need to be addressed as the ramped-up city outreach has not produced the results we wanted.” He said City Council and the city’s police chief “are discussing enforcement options related to facial coverings.”

Whether any of those options are put before City Council tonight during their regular meeting will be seen. Previously, Mayor Montgomery has

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Florida Cases Hit Record; Push to Open Schools: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) —

Florida reported its highest-ever increase of Covid-19 cases, 15,300, or a 6% rise compared to a 4.8% average over the last week. Reported deaths dropped to 44, from 95 the day before.

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said “the rule should be that kids go back to school this fall,” despite rising cases around the country.

South Africa may reintroduce tighter regulations on the movement of people and curb sales of alcohol as coronavirus infections soar, the Sunday Times reported. Hungary is also restricting travel after spikes in neighboring countries. Infections in Germany increased by 377.

Key Developments:

Global Tracker: Cases top 12.7 million; deaths surpass 565,000Aversion to mask-wearing holds back U.S. economyU.K. set to tighten rules on wearing face masksWall Street forges a new relationship to data in coronavirus ageConflicting visions emerge for South Africa’s post-virus revivalAnonymity helped overcome stigma in Korean nightclub probe

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China’s LGBT couples ‘wed’ online as gay marriage push stalls

Engaged for over three years, Guo and Zhu are fed up waiting for Chinese lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage — instead, they have turned online to gain recognition for their relationship.

Despite a shake-up of China’s marriage law last month — and a groundswell of support for same-sex unions in the socially conservative country — demands to make gay marriage legal have not been met.

The two men joined thousands of other couples announcing their “wedding” through an app where same-sex couples are given an unrecognised marriage certificate to share with friends, colleagues, and the public.

“We can’t live in the shadows anymore,” artist Guo told AFP, using only his surname.

“My partner’s family is still coming to terms with it.”

In China only couples who have tied the knot can adopt children, access fertility services or jointly buy a house.

Legalising gay marriage was among top suggestions made by

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