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Business owners and politicians call for financial support for Melbourne’s businesses

Sacha Koffman, co-founder of startup Build Labour. Source: supplied.

Daniel Andrews’ extension of metropolitan Melbourne’s stage four lockdown, and the reopening roadmap unveiled last weekend, mean many businesses won’t be able to trade as normal until the end of November.

And that’s in a best-case scenario.

Since Sunday’s announcement, there have been more and more calls to extend the financial support available to affected businesses, including doubling the grant funding available and relaxing eligibility criteria to support those that have fallen through the cracks.

This morning, Andrews said the state government will reveal plans for additional support for affected businesses “very soon”, saying it is receiving input from business advocates.

“We’re giving business an opportunity to provide direct input to the government about the support that they need,” he said.

The announcement itself will be “very substantial”, the Premier promised.

“There is substantial business support that we’ve provided already, and

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Police unions donate heavily to Sacramento politicians. Are our leaders ‘rolling over’?

Flojaune Cofer sat at the front of an empty Sacramento City Council chamber earlier this month. She was disgusted.

The City Council had passed a budget weeks earlier that included $157 million for the Sacramento Police Department – an all-time high, despite officials calling it a “status quo” pandemic spending plan.

A Black woman who lives in south Sacramento and is head of the Measure U Citizens Advisory Committee, she felt she had let her community down. She wanted to make sure new sales tax money from the Measure U ballot measure went toward uplifting disadvantaged neighborhoods as city politicians had promised it would.

During an impassioned 12-minute speech during a committee meeting broadcast online, she broached a topic rarely discussed by anyone sitting at the City Council dais: the power and influence of the Sacramento Police Officers Association (SPOA).

“I’m sorry that the people don’t have a well-paid union

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