April 14, 2024


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Welcome to the future of work!

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Welcome to the future of work!

It is no secret that times are changing and that we need to adapt to find new ways of doing things. One of the most important changes to focus on is the way we work. There has been a major focus on telecommuting in recent times, with the push for employees to work from home or an alternate location. All that is needed is a stable internet connection, a laptop and tools to communicate with employees.

Due to various economical factors, most companies are trying to save costs by reducing the number of employees in the office, as well as selling off their furniture to companies such as those on luminablog.co.uk that review a host of online shops where you can see second hand office furniture stores and more. These are also great to use when looking for furniture to set up your home office if you are telecommuting.

Telecommuting has been referred to as the future of work, due to its range of benefits for not only the company and employee, but also for the local economy, environment and culture. Working smarter, not harder has long been a goal for many, and telecommuting is one way to achieve this.

Why is telecommuting good for the company?

Telecommuting is an excellent way to reduce costs to the company by reducing the number of staff in an office. This means that the company is able to operate from smaller premises, reducing their rental cost, maintenance costs, and upkeep costs. Employees who work from home are also more likely to accept a lower salary in exchange for the flexibility that comes with telecommuting. In terms of hiring, telecommuting makes it possible for the company to hire international employees, new parents who need to get back to working but would like more flexibility to be able to be near their children, as well as the disabled, who might not be able to work in an office setting.

Why is telecommuting good for the employee?

By working from home, employees are able to avoid a lengthy commute, which assists in reducing their carbon footprint as well as that of the company. Telecommuting gives employees much needed flexibility to manage their home and personal lives better, as well as create a less stressful work environment for themselves. Employees are able to learn better communication skills, by using the various online tools available, such as instant messaging, video conferencing and online workstream management tools. Employees are able to update their task lists and keep track of where they are on a project, as well as receive feedback from their managers. Not being in the office and near an IT department, an employee will be responsible for troubleshooting their own technology issues, leading to increased technological skills.

Telecommuting as a whole enables a company to put into place better processes to ensure success of the business in the world of telecommuting. It can also have the benefit of a more process-oriented and results-driven workforce.

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