February 22, 2024


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Target Created an Online Badge to Identify Black-Owned Brands on Its Site

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Though it might seem for some people that the traction surrounding the recent Black Lives Matter uprising had died down, in reality, the work is only just beginning. Companies and customers alike are still making important shifts in the way they operate in order to support Black communities fairly and more consistently. Some retailers, such as Sephora, have pledged to continually increase the number of Black-owned brands it carries in its stores, and some brands such as Lashify are participating in mentorship programs for Black business owners. Meanwhile, Target is rolling out an online feature to make it easier for customers to identify and shop from Black-owned brands.

Target’s new feature is a small beige badge showcasing several neutral-colored hearts, which the company is using to label all Black-owned and Black-founded brands on its website. The badge appears in the retailer’s “at a glance” category, located within each product page’s details section. There, Target also features badges to identify products that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.

This recent effort is a result of Target’s customer feedback, according to a company statement issued to Allure. “We have carried a number of Black-owned brands for years and continue to listen to guests to ensure we offer a compelling and relevant assortment that supports our guests’ needs,” the statement reads. “Based on what our guests are searching for, we have started to implement icons online to help our guests find and support Black-owned brands and founders when they shop online.”

Cantu, Iman Cosmetics, The Honey Pot, The Lip Bar, and Black Girl Sunscreen are just a few of the Black-owned and Black-founded beauty brands that Target has to offer. And now, with the retailer’s new online feature, you can shop your tried-and-true Black-owned products and hopefully discover some new ones in the process.

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