April 15, 2024


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Ripple Exec Unveils P2P Payments Platform Using XRP

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A Ripple executive has unveiled a payments platform based on XRP that will work in popular web browsers.

  • Craig DeWitt, the blockchain payment infrastructure firm’s director of product, made the announcement via Twitter on Sunday claiming “anyone can use it” to purchase physical goods online using the XRP cryptocurrency.
  • Payburner, a personal project of Dewitt’s, is a non-custodial XRP wallet designed to operate as a plug-in within the Chrome and Brave web browsers.
  • DeWitt told CoinDesk in direct messages the plug-in is an example of a “growing XRP ecosystem” that leverages Xpring.
  • Xpring is a Ripple project that provides tools and funding for developers and startups working with XRP.
  • Payburner, currently in beta release, allows users to send and receive payments worldwide and instantaneously, Dewitt said.
  • The beta version builds on an earlier Payburner plug-in by integrating PayID, an identifier for payments used by entities such as banks.
  • Payment requests with encrypted peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging and PayID network searches are some of the new features in the beta release.
  • DeWitt said Payburner is expected to make a profit by charging a 1% merchant fee on XRP e-commerce sales.

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