December 4, 2023


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Engadget The Morning After | Engadget

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Engadget The Morning After | Engadget

More than 10 years after we tried out group watching with the Netflix app’s Movie Party feature on Xbox 360, Amazon is delivering its own version. Instead of using some third-party browser extension to keep everything synced, it allows viewers to watch anything from the Prime Video lineup with up to 100 online friends (as long as they’re in the US, have a Prime subscription and are watching via a compatible web browser).

Amazon Watch Party


In many places, plans to reopen movie theaters have been pushed back, so right now, this is about as close as we can safely get to the theater experience outside of a Fortnite event.

— Richard

Apple Watch Series 3 discounted to $169 on Amazon

That’s its cheapest price yet.

Apple Watch Series 3


If you’re almost ready to try out an Apple wearable, Amazon is tempting you further. It’s priced the GPS model of the Apple Watch Series 3 at its cheapest yet — $169 — and the device will be compatible with the just-announced watchOS 7 we saw at the WWDC keynote last week.
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Facebook envisions using holographics for super-slim VR glasses

Come for the AR shades, stay for the Matrix-like monochrome output.

Facebook Research

Facebook Research

Facebook’s Reality Labs has developed a proof-of-concept device that uses holographics with flat films for the optics, leading to displays that are less than 0.35 inches thick — much smaller than the usual LCD or OLED shining through glass. This is helped in part by polarization-based optical folding that moves the light forward and back multiple times, shrinking it well below its original volume.
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Impossible Sausage will be available to any restaurant that wants it

It’ll also be on the menu of all of Yelp’s Top 30 American diners.

Impossible Meat

Impossible Meat

Impossible Foods announced that the company is expanding sales of Impossible Sausage to all restaurants nationwide. This follows up on some aggressive moves from the company: Earlier this year, it announced it would sell its Impossible Burger in over 1,000 grocery stores. Then just last week, Starbucks said it was going to start selling an Impossible Sausage sandwich. Now, the Impossible Sausage is available to any restaurant looking to order it.
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