April 15, 2024


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5 NYC Lending Companies Poised For Global Recognition

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Data-driven decisions are creating digitized solutions in all kinds of workplaces, and fintech companies are no strangers to this phenomenon.

Competitors in the sector are revolutionizing financial services so rapidly that they are creating a cutthroat environment where fitting in is no longer an option — to stick around, newcomers need to stand out.

The annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards recognize some of the industry’s top disruptors, and to prepare you for all the cash-storing, platform-based goodness, here are some of the trending players from the Big Apple.

Yieldstreet: Yieldstreet is providing customers with access to investment options that did not exist for the masses a decade ago. This forward-looking company harnesses the power of React to let investors build intuitive, fixed-income portfolios of previously hard-to-get assets for durations between six months to five years. Such an alternative asset class investment strategy allows users to enjoy passive income and diversify their holdings.

Bread: Bread offers monthly-based payment options between retailers and consumers to transform the way people shop online. Within seconds, a consumer can figure out if they qualify to make purchases in installments without impacting credit score. E-commerce shoppers can easily view their options, interest rates and terms with full transparency before finalizing purchases.

Stash: Stash offers united banking, investing, retirement, custodial and advisory services into one user-friendly platform. New investors can subscribe via several affordable monthly options to learn the ropes and work their way up to managing their finances for themselves and their families. The company’s automation technology and personal guidance help educate users on making good decisions with their money.

Rezi: Rezi, a Y-Combinator backed startup, simplifies the process of renting homes. The company strives to level the real estate field by integrating time-consuming checks and processes into their platform, meaning that tenants no longer have to spend time digging through inefficiencies themselves.

The company said it also guarantees income and portfolio stability for landlords.

Mantl: Mantl streamlines strategic, operational and technological processes for banks by offering a modern, data-driven platform to compete with existing, outdated systems.

Inspired by an observation on the rapid expansion of new fintech companies, Mantl aimed to bring the same information-era technology to banking. The startup can directly integrate with core banking providers and offers clients the option of working with their vendors of choice using APIs.

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