Day: September 22, 2020

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Bandhan Bank further strengthens core management team, appoints Kumar Ashish as Head- Emerging Entrepreneurs Business | Indiablooms

Kolkata: Bandhan Bank recently completed five years as a universal bank and has been successful in building a well-diversified loan book.

In line with the Bank’s business strategy, a new vertical has been formed to better serve the emerging and diversified needs and aspirations of this segment.

This new vertical is called Emerging Entrepreneurs Business (EEB). In addition to microloans, the vertical will also manage micro home loan, micro bazaar loan and micro enterprise loan.

To spearhead EEB, the Bank has recently appointed Kumar Ashish as Executive President and Head – EEB. Ashish is a veteran banker with over 26 years of experience in setting up and managing businesses of significant scale in retail and business banking, rural banking, microfinance, agri banking and treasury.

Ashish spent about two decades at ICICI Bank, where in his last role he was Senior General Manager & Retail Business Head for North India, leading

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State Senate District 8 candidates spar over popular vote, public option health insurance during Club 20 debate

Karl Hanlon, the challenger for Colorado’s Senate District 8 against incumbent Bob Rankin, says he supports a statewide public health insurance option as a way to make costs equitable for the Western Slope.

“My colleagues offered a public option, which I oppose,” stated Rankin, the Republican former House District 57 representative who was appointed to the SD8 seat last year and is now seeking formal election.

“I had been part of the bipartisan team up to that point, but departed on the public option because it sets price controls and mandatory participation,” Rankin said.

Asked if he supports a public health insurance option, Hanlon, the Democratic challenger for the seat, said he does, as long as it’s one “that works out here in western Colorado.”

Under Colorado’s private insurance marketplace, Connect for Health, Hanlon noted that, for a family of four in SD8 to purchase a catastrophic health insurance plan,

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Massive Growth in Global Government Software Market Set

Global Government Software Market

New York, United States – The Government Software Market has developed swiftly in recent years and has made a significant contribution to the global financial situation in terms of growth rate, market share, and sales generation. The report titled “Government Software Market Report” is an analytical study that presents a comprehensive explanation of the industry along with information on significant aspects of the market. This covers market demands, major market players, profitable trading tactics, and a futuristic outlook.

The report includes changes in Government Software market dynamics and demand patterns associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic. The report gives an in-depth analysis of the growth prospects, business area, and futuristic scope based on the impact of COVID-19 on the overall growth of the industry. The study report also contains an analysis of the present and future impact of the pandemic on the Government Software market, as

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New stab at statewide public health insurance could be do-able, consultant says

Sherry Robinson, All She Wrote
Published 9:27 a.m. MT Sept. 21, 2020

Writing about healthcare coverage is always a dizzying experience, I find, but lately there’s some encouraging news. Recently a legislative committee heard an update on the proposed Health Security Act. Proponents say it would save billions and control rising costs while providing access and almost universal coverage.

Introduced in the 2019 legislative session, the Health Security Act offered a detailed, public healthcare plan, run by cooperatives, that would cover all New Mexicans. Plan members could choose their providers, even across state lines. Private, for-profit insurance would take a supplementary role. The ambitious bill, introduced by some Dem heavy hitters, called for fiscal analysis to determine potential costs, savings and coverage. If lawmakers and the administration found it feasible, it would be implemented.

The bills ran into resistance. Although it was presented as a study, it would “lay the

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Investors go for digital gold due to ease of access, safety

At a time of movement curbs and shuttered jewellery shops, digital gold sellers have reported a surge in demand. Despite competition from sovereign gold bonds and gold exchange traded funds, digital gold has found greater reach, thanks to its wide distribution via apps such as Google Pay and Paytm, and ticket size as low as 1.

Demand for digital gold rose 40-50% amid the viral outbreak, said Sachin Kothari, director of Augmont Gold Pvt. Ltd, a digital gold provider.

“As access to shops to buy physical gold was restricted due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of covid-19 pandemic, people opted to buy gold through digital mediums. The rising price of gold has also supported demand,” said Kothari.

India has three major digital gold sellers—Augmont Gold; MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd, a joint venture between state-run MMTC Ltd and Swiss firm MKS PAMP; and Digital Gold India Pvt.

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