‘Crip Camp’ directors on mockery of Trump’s water drinking, ramp walking [Video]

James LeBrecht is clearly not a big fan of President Donald Trump.

The veteran sound designer, disability-rights activist and Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution co-director explains that when the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, it was the first time he was guaranteed health insurance. Under Trump, those benefits are in danger of being wiped out. CNN and Washington Post journalist Rebecca Cokley has generally classified the administration’s policies as “a war on the disabled.” Last week, the Trump administration went to the Supreme Court seeking to invalidate the ACA. There’s also the fact that LeBrecht’s acclaimed Netflix documentary, Crip Camp, counts among its producers former President Barack Obama, who signed the ACA into effect, hence its notable nickname, Obamacare. (Barack and Michelle Obama produced the film under their new Higher Ground Productions entertainment banner.)

But that will not stop LeBrecht, who was born with spina bifida (a birth

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Liza Koshy Apologizes After Being Accused of Racism for Pretending to Speak Japanese in 2016 Video

YouTuber Liza Koshy has issued an apology in response to being accused of racism after videos of her pretending to have an Asian accent resurfaced.

In a since-deleted video shared on YouTube in 2016, Koshy and her now ex-boyfriend and fellow YouTube star David Dobrik imitated Asian accents while tasting candy from Japan and Hawaii.

In the video titled “Couples Trying Japanese Candy,” Dobrik said in the clip: “It’s not racist, that’s like the sounds I hear when they talk.”

Koshy then responded: “No, it’s not racist as long as I keep saying no.”

In a second video titled “Couple Trying Foreign Candy,” Koshy and Dobrik pretended to speak Japanese after eating the snacks from Hawaii.

The clips were shared by Asian TikTok user callmesukiwi on June 21, who said: “Why is no one talking about this? It’s a clear example of the normalized racism against Asians.”

“They’re trying Japanese

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JoJo Siwa responds to accusations of blackface in music video

JoJo Siwa is setting the record straight regarding accusations that she featured a dancer wearing blackface in her new music video for her song “Nonstop.”

The 17-year-old “Boomerang” singer and former “Dance Moms” star posted a message on Instagram Friday explaining that the dancer in question was dressed up as a circus animal to go along with the video’s big top theme and wasn’t wearing blackface.

“I need to set the record straight about a few things because some have been irresponsible in recent stories and posts about me, and everyone seems to rush to conclusions without having all of the facts,” Siwa posted.

The big bow-wearing star, known for her appearances on YouTube and hosting kid-friendly shows on Nickelodeon, said she experienced backlash from haters that devolved into criticism of her appearance and sexuality over a costume that was in not intended to depict race.

“My instagram post yesterday

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