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7 Growth Stocks Prepared for a Summer Surge

In terms of market volatility, this year is definitely one for the books. 2020 saw market movements that would normally take decades, compressed into a single year. With unemployment rates at their highest and businesses facing the risk of bankruptcy, the economy hit some new lows this year. However, a period of downturn also presents a unique opportunity for investors to load up on growth stocks to buy at a discounted price.

Historically speaking, a bear market in the S&P 500 was always replaced by a bull market rally in the years before Covid-19.

While it’s hard to remain optimistic in uncertain times, investors need to take a long-term approach when investing in stocks. Some companies are likely to emerge from the pandemic as losers. Others will come out of this stronger than ever.

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Here are seven growth stocks that

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Summer Activities, Rules To Know About: Mayor

Written by Mayor Mary Marvin:

BRONXVILLE, NY — Given the time of year and the recent spate of incredibly warm weather, there is no denying that summer is truly here, making a column about summer activities truly apropos.

The Village tennis program is up and running. Applications may be printed off of the Village website and either mailed to Village Hall or delivered in person between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays. As the Covid crisis is still very much with us, all play must have an online booking and maximum play time is one hour 45 minutes to allow time for sanitizing. The bathrooms and water fountain remain closed and masks are required to be worn to and from the tennis courts. The Bronxville School track is also re-opened for exercise.

While we were unable to have a summer paddle program, we are opening up the Fall/Winter program early.

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Here’s how the pandemic is changing summer wedding plans

Couples that were planning to marry in 2020 have had to contend with a unique type of wedding planning stress.

The coronavirus has derailed plans and forced couples to reimagine their big celebrations. But engaged couples and newlyweds have shown that COVID-19 is no match for love and they are finding creative ways to wed under the constraints of the pandemic.

Scaling down in-person events, bisecting wedding ceremonies from receptions, and incorporating video conferencing so the occasion can be digitally shared to those far and wide are some of the emerging trends from the wedding industry.

Cashay editor Janna Herron sat down with Yahoo Money and Cashay reporter Stephanie Asymkos to discuss the trends and outlook in the latest episode of the Money, Honestly podcast. Their conversation is based on Stephanie’s Yahoo Money and Cashay reporting.

Seventy-six percent of summer weddings in 2020 are still happening in one way or another. (Photo: Getty)
Seventy-six percent of summer weddings in 2020 are still happening in one way or
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Most engaged couples proceed with summer weddings despite pandemic

Benjamin Romer and Melanie Middleton’s wedding on June 27, 2020, wasn’t the wedding they had planned, but it was the wedding that their guests called “heartfelt” and “how it should be.”  

They didn’t have any of the emblems of modern weddings like bachelor or bachelorette parties, a bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. Fifty people, mostly family members who live locally, gathered in Middleton’s parents’ backyard in upstate New York and watched the two exchange their handwritten vows. 

“It was absolutely perfect and we wouldn’t have it any other way. COVID-19 may have caused us to change our original plans, but we adapted and pulled it off in style,” the couple said referring to what they call their “dream wedding.”

Romer, 31, and Middleton, 28, represent scores of couples who intended to marry in 2020 and had their milestones interrupted and redesigned by COVID-19. 

Benjamin Romer and Melanie Middleton represent scores

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22 Virtual Summer Camps That Will Keep Your Little Ones Engaged

Obviously, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, summer plans are on hold until further notice. And for families who rely on camp during the warmer months, this can be problematic. Although traditional summer camps might be out of the question this year, there are plenty of virtual options that will keep kids of all ages entertained. Whether they’re looking to keep their academics sharp (hey, no one likes that pesky summer slide, right?) or just want some good, old-fashioned fun, these online summer camps will deliver.

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Brain Chase

Designed for kids ages 7 to 14, Brain Chase invites students to go on an academic scavenger hunt by selecting three focus categories ranging from math to yoga to writing to foreign languages. They have six weeks to complete their objectives and find the $1,000 missing golden nugget. Send your

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Smart Reads To Spend The Long, Weird Summer With

Photo credit: A24
Photo credit: A24

From Esquire

What makes a book a summer read? A Vulture piece on the anatomy of a beach read from May 2019 suggested that “the overarching idea is that the book will complement the frame of mind you hope to be in”, meaning that we select light books in the hope that we find ourselves feeling similarly unencumbered when flopping onto a sandy towel at the edge of the sea.

This summer could not feel heavier, with the world trying to extricate itself from the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as facing a long overdue about reckoning about the systemic racism which has been pushed under the surface for so long.

The gulf between the frame of mine we hope to be in and the one we actually find ourselves in feels huge at the moment. Instead of warm days celebrating holidays, weddings or festivals, the sun feels

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7 Things to Do in the Summer for College Students With No Job

Are you in college and feeling like you’re stuck in limbo because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Hiring freezes, canceled internships and stay-at-home orders have thrown a lot of summer 2020 plans out the window.

But you can still make the most of your summer break to further your education, work experience and skill-building — it’ll just take a little flexibility and creativity.

Here are seven productive things to do in the summer for college kids.

7 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Without a Job

Here are some creative ways to make good use of your summer break if a regular job or internship is off the table.

1. Take Free Online Classes

Going to class might not be your first choice for summer break, but this is a smart time to develop valuable career skills.

MOOCs, massive open online courses, let you take classes from real universities —

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Everything you need to know about visiting Spain this summer

Playa de Formentor, Mallorca, Spain: istock
Playa de Formentor, Mallorca, Spain: istock

As countries around the globe tentatively begin to relax restrictions on travel, the promise of tapas al fresco and long, lazy sun-filled days beside the sea come top of the travel wish-list for many tourists.

Spain has long topped the list as one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations, with more than 18 million British tourists visiting in 2019 – a fifth of the country’s overall total of nearly 84 million visitors, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics.

But can British holidaymakers get there? And will we be welcome?

Here’s all the information you need to know.

Am I allowed to travel to Spain from the UK?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued a blanket warning against all non-essential international travel in March, but this has now been lifted for 67 destinations as of 4 July.

Spain was on this

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I’m running a ‘Common Sense Camp’ for my kids this summer

Oona Hanson is an educator based in Los Angeles, California. Her story “I’m Running a ‘Common Sense Camp’ for My Kids This Summer,” was originally published on Forge by Medium in June, and is reprinted here with permission.

One of my favorite single-panel comics from Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” features a boy pushing mightily against a door marked “pull.” Above him, a sign announces the building as a “School for the Gifted.”

It’s an image I’ve thought about more than once since becoming a parent. As my kids — now 12 and 17 — got older, it became clear that they were, let’s say, heavy on the book smarts. Sometimes, when my husband and I would observe our children struggling with ordinary tasks, we’d joke that they could benefit from Common Sense Camp.

The joke was never entirely that funny. In her book “How To Raise an Adult,” a

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16 Black-Owned Swimsuit Brands To Shop This Summer

When it comes to building a summer wardrobe, swimwear is of the utmost importance. You can score heaps of poofy sundresses, dozens of denim cutoffs, and a lifetime’s supply of white crop tops, but it’s a good bikini or one-piece that you’ll spend most of your time in when by the pool or body of water. There’s just one problem: Finding a swimsuit that works for you is far from easy, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Over the last few weeks, a lot of research has been done into ways to support the Black community. And, in addition to donating, marching, educating themselves, and signing petitions for better legislation, people can also financially support Black-owned businesses. And with the summer solstice just days away, what better way to champion these businesses than by stocking up on swimwear made by Black designers — all of which offer a

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