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The Bank of Japan is in no rush to issue a central bank digital currency, says Nomura Research Institute’s Kodai Sato

Kodai Sato, a senior researcher at Nomura Research Institute, contended that financial inclusion is not Japan’s top priority during a recent webinar hosted by The Block. As such, The Bank of Japan (BoJ) has no plans to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC) at present, Sato remarked during the July 16 event.

“At this point, Japan gives various takeaways, for example, financial inclusion isn’t always a key issue in Japan as bank account penetration is already 100% or 99% so financial inclusion is not the top priority of Japan as it is for other countries,” Sato said.

While shedding light upon some of the biggest challenges Japan faces, Sato said, it is important to address the questions behind the need for a digital currency and its role in Japan. This, in turn, would require the amendment of legislation.

“There is less theft in Japan compared to other countries, so

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Swiss warn over faulty respirators bought during COVID-19 rush

By John Miller

ZURICH (Reuters) – Swiss officials have opened investigations into importers and dealers of defective respiratory masks, they said on Friday, warning users of protective devices to be vigilant for flawed products rushed into the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Swiss Federal Office for Accident Prevention (BFA) and Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA) said 60% of the protective masks they reviewed offered insufficient protection.

The call by the agencies does not pertain to soft hygienic masks people commonly wear in public or while riding trains and buses, but to more robust respiratory protective devices to help protect medical workers from the deadly disease.

Most of the masks were labelled KN95, the agencies said, a label that may indicate approval in China.

In April, the Swiss government relaxed import restrictions on protective gear so its health system had enough amid a global scramble.

“SUVA and BFU noticed…reports

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‘Do we still want to move?’ Homebuyers rush back in droves despite pandemic

Dr. Rishi Manchanda toured empty homes in Los Angeles, California. By appointment only. In gloves and masks, and six feet from the real estate agent. But even in a pandemic, Manchanda and his family were still ready to buy a home.

“Nobody knew what was coming and the housing experts we talked to were uncertain about the market,” Manchanda said. “So, it came down to a simple question: ‘Do we still want to move?’”

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For Manchanda and many other buyers, the answer remains yes. He’s part of the wave of homebuyers who are flooding the market after the coronavirus and state lockdowns halted the economy in April, interrupting the busiest home-buying season of the year.

Now they’re back — in spite of outbreaks and an unsteady economy — and they face old and new foes: a persistent

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