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Survival Schemes: 3 Practical Tips to Keep Your Small Business Afloat During a Pandemic

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has truly reached a global scale. Several countries set up travel limits, or even bans to keep the infamous virus outside their perimeters. Government health officers, along with the hospital staff, are trying to maintain an excellent level of patient care, while preparing for the worst.

In times of trials, staying calm and optimistic can be hard. On the bright side, for business heads and entrepreneurs, staying composed under stress is part of the day’s work.

By taking bold and calculated actions now, you can set your business in a better position to remain strong and heal faster once the pandemic effects dwindle. To begin, here are some key plans and methods to help a business rally from coronavirus.

Think About Getting a Personal Loan

Usually, personal loans are a superb idea when entrepreneurs use it to support or raise their financial

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Going digital: Pandemic drives rapid growth for local online food sales

Hands hold a phone and place orders for food, a van drives with a basket of food on top, a variety of food sits on top of a cell phone.
(Farm and Dairy image)

After years of taking his products to farmers markets in Cleveland, Kevin Henslee, of Yellow House Cheese, stopped this spring.

“It didn’t make sense to go out during a pandemic,” he said.

If his wife, Kristyn, gets sick, she can’t make cheese. Henslee worried that farmers market crowds would be too concentrated and would lead to a greater risk of illness. They also lost some of their other markets, like restaurants. So, instead, they shifted their focus to online sales.

The Henslees raise lamb, beef, pork and chicken, and make cheese from sheep’s milk and cow’s milk from neighboring farms. They partnered with friends who grow produce and other products to open an online store.

So far, it’s gone so well that they’re planning to make online sales a permanent part of their business.

But the Henslees are far from the first farmers to explore online

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Assessing health insurance options amid a pandemic

For the tens of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, there is another frightening reality to absorb: amid a global health pandemic, they no longer have health insurance. This is one of the big problems with having insurance linked to a workplace plan, but for more than 156 million Americans, or just under half of the country’s total population, that’s the coverage they have.

a person using a laptop: jill-on-money-health-insurance.

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According to healthcare advocacy group Families USA, layoffs between February and May meant that 5.4 million workers lost their health insurance coverage — “an increase nearly 40% higher than the largest previous annual increase in uninsured adults ever recorded.” If you suddenly find yourself uninsured, there are three choices for coverage: COBRA, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicaid.


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Let’s start with COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), the federal rule that requires group health plans

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What To Do If The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Forcing You Into Early Retirement

Until recently, the goal of early retirement was a lofty one. But with the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic, some older workers are being pushed into retirement ― whether they’re ready or not ― minus the sandy beaches and financial freedom.

During past recessions, it was common for older employees to drop out of the workforce completely rather than try to compete for new jobs. But now, there’s even more pressure to abandon working life.

“Since this is a global health pandemic, it has added a layer of complexity not seen in past recessions,” said Jeffrey Lewis, a financial advisor with Savant Wealth Management. Some older workers may be less inclined to return to the office for fear of contracting the virus themselves, or bringing it home to their spouse or kids who may have an underlying health condition, Lewis said. “If employers are not able to meet

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5 tips to help you land an internship during the COVID-19 pandemic

Even though unemployment has reached a record high due to business closures and social distancing measures brought about by the new coronavirus, you can still snag an internship if you know how to adapt and get creative. That advice comes from Jon Schlesinger, director of the career center at Brandeis University and also a lecturer in a course designed to get students to think critically about the industry in which they intern. Here, Schlesinger offers five tips for students who are searching for internships or haven’t yet started internships that they’ve secured.

Create your own virtual internships

While a poll of 283 employers recruiting on college campuses found that 16% have revoked internship offers, the poll also found that nearly 40% of employers have moved to a virtual internship program.

Although employers moving online means there is no office to go to anymore, this can open up opportunities for

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Americans are converting more used school buses into tiny homes during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic pushed Sparrow Kettner and her husband, Keith Smith, to rethink their careers and their home.

The couple are musicians who rent a mid-size house in Asheville, North Carolina. But with concert venues closed and large gatherings limited for the foreseeable future, they had time on their hands to plot their next move.

“Before all this, we stayed in Airbnbs and hotels when we were on the road,” Kettner says. “We needed a way to still travel and play at outdoor, socially distanced concerts. But we also needed to be more self-contained.”

So in April, they traded in their band’s tour van for an old, gutted school bus and spent the next several weeks converting it into a move-in-ready home on wheels with a kitchen, modular seating, chevron wood paneling and a bathroom. 

Bored under lockdown: This couple built a ‘hot tub trailer’ on wheels during COVID-19


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All the Movies Suspended or Delayed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic (Updating)

As coronavirus continues to spread, an increasing number of movies are delaying or suspending production. As the number of impacted movies grows, TheWrap felt it would be most informative to keep a running list. The CDC as of Thursday is reporting just over 10,400 cases in the U.S. alone, with 150 people reported dead from the COVID-19 virus.

“No Time To Die”

“MGM, Universal and Bond producers, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, announced today that after careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace, the release of No Time to Die will be postponed until November 2020.

“A Quiet Place Part II”

“A Quiet Place Part II” is the latest movie to shift its release plans, as director John Krasinski announced on Instagram that the film will delay its release to the horror sequel amid the growing spread of the coronavirus around the globe.

“Peter Rabbit 2:

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Biggest question about football in a pandemic is ______. Matt Nagy’s biggest task will be _______________. Our Bears writers tackle 4 big topics entering training camp.

The Chicago Bears are scheduled to report to training camp Tuesday in Lake Forest, capping an unprecedented offseason featuring online-only coaching and Zoom calls while the NFL set safety protocols and guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the Bears return to Halas Hall, our team of writers weighs in on four timely topics.

1. My biggest question about proceeding with a football season amid the COVID-19 pandemic is _______________.

Brad Biggs: Whether the NFL and other major sports leagues can pull this whole thing off without putting those involved — and their families — in jeopardy.

The NBA and NHL have taken a different approach with a bubble as they attempt to tie a bow on their seasons that were cut short in March. A bubble doesn’t seem like a practical possibility for the NFL, and the league will march forward with the hope everyone involved does so responsibly. There

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For HBCUs, the coronavirus pandemic hits especially close to home

Leaders of historically Black colleges and universities are grappling with a challenge others in higher education don’t fully share: how to reopen their campuses to a population that has proven especially vulnerable to Covid-19.

Black people are dying at 2.5 times the rate of white people, according to the Covid Racial Data Tracker. And nearly a third of deaths among nonwhite Americans were in people younger than 65, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, compared with 13 percent among white people under that age.

“We have to acknowledge and recognize that African Americans with comorbidities have fared far worse in this pandemic than any other group,” said Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick in an interview. “I think, for an HBCU in particular, there’s a lot of differences in terms of opening that are probably a little more accentuated because of our circumstances.”


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Amateur investors chase profits during the pandemic

Barney Durrant is one of thousands of Brits who have signed up to online trading and investing platforms during the pandemic. Photo: Barney Durrant
Barney Durrant is one of thousands of Brits who have signed up to online trading and investing platforms during the pandemic. Photo: Barney Durrant

Barney Durrant’s father worked for British Airways when he was younger. So when the share price of BA’s parent company began tumbling earlier this year, he saw “an opportunity.”

“I felt they would come back reasonably quickly,” Durrant, a self-employed digital marketing consultant from East Grinstead, said of airline stocks. “They were at such a massive low.”

A few weeks into lockdown he signed up to online trading platform Saxo and bought shares in BA’s parent company IAG (IAG.L). He also picked up stock in easyJet (EZJ.L) and a few other bombed out big names such as engine maker Rolls-Royce (RR.L).

Durrant is one of thousands of Brits who have joined trading and investment platforms since the COVID-19 pandemic began. A combination of market volatility, lockdown

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