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Son-in-law accused of stealing $484K from Lower Salford family business | News

NORRISTOWN — A man is accused of stealing more than $484,000 from the Lower Salford business owned by his in-laws while he worked as the company’s chief operations officer, presumably so he could start up his own photography business, according to court documents.

Christopher David Oleksa, 36, of the unit block of Onyx Road, New Oxford, Adams County, was arraigned before District Court Judge Maureen Coggins on charges of identity theft, access device fraud, receiving stolen property, forgery, theft by deception and theft by unlawful taking in connection with alleged incidents that occurred between October 2019 and April 2020.

Coggins set bail at $50,000 unsecured and Oleksa was released to await further court action. Oleksa waived his preliminary hearing and his case will proceed directly to county court where it will be listed for trial.

The investigation began in April when Lower Salford police met with John and Holly Firely,

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Bandhan Bank further strengthens core management team, appoints Kumar Ashish as Head- Emerging Entrepreneurs Business | Indiablooms

Kolkata: Bandhan Bank recently completed five years as a universal bank and has been successful in building a well-diversified loan book.

In line with the Bank’s business strategy, a new vertical has been formed to better serve the emerging and diversified needs and aspirations of this segment.

This new vertical is called Emerging Entrepreneurs Business (EEB). In addition to microloans, the vertical will also manage micro home loan, micro bazaar loan and micro enterprise loan.

To spearhead EEB, the Bank has recently appointed Kumar Ashish as Executive President and Head – EEB. Ashish is a veteran banker with over 26 years of experience in setting up and managing businesses of significant scale in retail and business banking, rural banking, microfinance, agri banking and treasury.

Ashish spent about two decades at ICICI Bank, where in his last role he was Senior General Manager & Retail Business Head for North India, leading

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Money Hacks Podcast: ETFs and unit trusts, what are the differences and misconceptions?, Business News & Top Stories

Money Hacks Ep 79: Differences and misconceptions over ETFs and unit trusts

9:22 mins

Synopsis: Updated fortnightly on Mondays, The Business Times breaks down useful financial tips.

This episode tackles the importance of knowing the pros and cons of ETFs and unit trusts.

Chris Lim hosts Gregory Van, chief executive and founding partner of Endowus, the only digital investment adviser that now has a CPF investment option.

They discuss the following points:

1. What are ETFs and unit trusts and are there big differences between them? (0:45)

2. Are unit trusts and mutual funds the same product? (2:32)

3. Why are ETFs essentially a wrapper for products like funds, Reits or bonds, so they can be traded on exchanges? How does that impact the net asset value? (3:15)

4. Unit trusts are more convenient for investors who do not need intra-day liquidity (4:55)

5. What are the differences between ETFs

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Survival Schemes: 3 Practical Tips to Keep Your Small Business Afloat During a Pandemic

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has truly reached a global scale. Several countries set up travel limits, or even bans to keep the infamous virus outside their perimeters. Government health officers, along with the hospital staff, are trying to maintain an excellent level of patient care, while preparing for the worst.

In times of trials, staying calm and optimistic can be hard. On the bright side, for business heads and entrepreneurs, staying composed under stress is part of the day’s work.

By taking bold and calculated actions now, you can set your business in a better position to remain strong and heal faster once the pandemic effects dwindle. To begin, here are some key plans and methods to help a business rally from coronavirus.

Think About Getting a Personal Loan

Usually, personal loans are a superb idea when entrepreneurs use it to support or raise their financial

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Private Jet Travel Buying Tips For Companies And Business Travelers

Over the past four months, personal travel has helped the private aviation industry move from a nearly 80% drop in April to within 20% of pre-COVID-19 flight levels.

Those discretionary flights have been a combination of existing customers, first-timers, and returning users. For the latter, think retired CEOs and business owners who are in the high-risk age demographic, but previously didn’t see the value of extra cost versus time savings and convenience.

Of course, those who benefit most from private flights are business travelers who absolutely, positively have to be there, something that’s harder than ever to accomplish flying the airlines.

And then of course there is the risk, both to employees and customers, partners, or whomever else you are flying to visit. As you have probably heard by now, door-to-door, private flights have less than 20 touch points. That compares to over 700 possible opportunities to come in contact

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Business owners and politicians call for financial support for Melbourne’s businesses

Sacha Koffman, co-founder of startup Build Labour. Source: supplied.

Daniel Andrews’ extension of metropolitan Melbourne’s stage four lockdown, and the reopening roadmap unveiled last weekend, mean many businesses won’t be able to trade as normal until the end of November.

And that’s in a best-case scenario.

Since Sunday’s announcement, there have been more and more calls to extend the financial support available to affected businesses, including doubling the grant funding available and relaxing eligibility criteria to support those that have fallen through the cracks.

This morning, Andrews said the state government will reveal plans for additional support for affected businesses “very soon”, saying it is receiving input from business advocates.

“We’re giving business an opportunity to provide direct input to the government about the support that they need,” he said.

The announcement itself will be “very substantial”, the Premier promised.

“There is substantial business support that we’ve provided already, and

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AccentCare, Fairview Health Services form post-acute business

Dallas-based AccentCare and Minneapolis-based Fairview Health Services plan to launch a new post-acute business in Minnesota.

AccentCare, a post-acute healthcare provider, will be the majority owner in the business, and Fairview, a not-for-profit health system, will retain a 20% stake in the company, according to a news release. The deal is expected to close Nov. 2.

The new business, AccentCare Fairview, will be the preferred post-acute provider of home health and hospice services for Fairview, according to the release.

“Today is the culmination of a journey we have been on to solidify a future of service-minded, quality home health and hospice care for Minnesotans in their most cherished environment—their homes,” AccentCare CEO Steve Rodgers said in a prepared statement.

AccentCare has more than 30 partnerships with insurance companies, physician groups and health systems, including the joint-venture companies AccentCare Asante Home Health, AccentCare UC San Diego Health at Home, AccentCare UCLA

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How Robo Platforms Transform Traditional Advisory Business | Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are increasingly turning to robo advisors, technology platforms that not so long ago were viewed as fierce competition.

At their most basic, robo advisors provide digital, algorithm-based investment platforms. The first company that offered this service was Betterment, which launched in 2008 and began opening client accounts two years later.

Initially, robo advisors operated with little, if any, human interaction. They would gather data from clients using online surveys. Based on those results, the robo advisor would assign the client to an inexpensive portfolio of index exchange-traded funds that would be rebalanced at specified intervals, determined by an algorithm.

That basic model still exists, but robo advisor firms now offer a greater range of services. Some added mutual funds as part of their offerings, some can hold single stocks and others include financial planning software or even sessions with a human financial planner.

Several companies now operate robo

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Business owner on why he gave up corporate salary

a man standing next to a body of water: MoneyHub founder Christopher Walsh said starting his own business taught him the value of a dollar earned.

© Supplied.
MoneyHub founder Christopher Walsh said starting his own business taught him the value of a dollar earned.

a man standing next to a body of water

© Provided by Newshub

“Do what you love: Value can’t be bought”

Christopher Walsh, founder of MoneyHub.

Money. It’s the driving factor behind many life choices, but is it the be-all and end-all?

‘Me and My Money’ is a regular feature that investigates Kiwi attitudes towards money and what drives the choices they make. We also explore if COVID-19 has changed peoples’ money habits and how.   

Newshub spoke to MoneyHub founder Chris Walsh about the power of investing over spending, comparing credit card deals and how forgoing a corporate salary to start a business made him happier.

1. Are you a saver or a spender?

A saver and investor. Knowing the value of a dollar earned is something I learnt when starting my own business. 

Dollars compound and earn dollars, whereas

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Uber to Operate Food Delivery Even if Rides Business Forced Shut in California | Investing News

(Reuters) – Uber Technologies Inc

on Monday said it would continue operating its revenue-generating food delivery business Uber Eats even if its ride-hail business should be forced shut in California at the end of this week following a court order.

A company spokesman said Uber’s food delivery unit did not appear to be impacted by a lawsuit filed by California’s attorney general and a subsequent court order that would force Uber to treat its ride-hail drivers as employees.

Uber and smaller rival Lyft Inc

said they would be forced to shut their ride-hailing operations in California if the court ruling goes into effect on Friday morning.

Eats has been a boon to Uber during the pandemic as Americans stay home and many businesses and restaurants remain shut. Delivery orders in the second quarter more than doubled, while ride-hailing trip bookings, in the past responsible for nearly two-thirds of Uber’s revenue,

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