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Money Plus, proprietor banned from carrying out investment advisory services

Markets regulator Sebi has barred Money Plus Research Advisory and Financial Services and its proprietor Pravin Meshram from acting as investment advisors, for providing unauthorised trading tips to investors.

Besides, they have been restrained from accessing the securities market until further orders.

After receiving complaints, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) carried out a preliminary examination to ascertain whether unregistered investment advisory activities are being carried out by the firm.

In its interim order, Sebi said Money Plus is soliciting and inducing the investors to deal in the securities market on the basis of investment advice, stock tips, etc., prima facie, without having the requisite registration as mandated under the investment advisor (IA) regulations.

The amount of money, prima facie, observed to have been collected by Money Plus and its proprietor Pravin Meshram was 53.85 lakh.

Accordingly, the regulator has directed Money Plus and

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Financial Reporting and the Definition of Advisory

For decades, accountants and bookkeepers have been urged to shift their services from focusing on compliance to prioritizing services that are advisory. Why?

The logic is simple: Compliance services are vulnerable to automation and are seen as having less value than forward-looking advice that can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

But the term “advisory” encompasses MANY different activities, from relatively simple cash flow forecasting to much more complex business restructuring (and a whole lot in between). This lack of a clear definition has been a barrier to many firm leaders who struggle to understand what exactly they are being urged to do.

This landmark guide by Randy Johnston of K2 Enterprises breaks down the different modes of advisory activities and explains what each one entails on a practical level. It also includes a detailed overview of the available technology that firms can use to deliver different types

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How Robo Platforms Transform Traditional Advisory Business | Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are increasingly turning to robo advisors, technology platforms that not so long ago were viewed as fierce competition.

At their most basic, robo advisors provide digital, algorithm-based investment platforms. The first company that offered this service was Betterment, which launched in 2008 and began opening client accounts two years later.

Initially, robo advisors operated with little, if any, human interaction. They would gather data from clients using online surveys. Based on those results, the robo advisor would assign the client to an inexpensive portfolio of index exchange-traded funds that would be rebalanced at specified intervals, determined by an algorithm.

That basic model still exists, but robo advisor firms now offer a greater range of services. Some added mutual funds as part of their offerings, some can hold single stocks and others include financial planning software or even sessions with a human financial planner.

Several companies now operate robo

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