MFM & BCCA Virtual Media Finance Focus 2020 Keynote to Explore Home Entertainment Choices and Gaming Culture

Media Financial Management Association’s (MFM’s) Media Finance Focus will host a conference keynote on Tuesday, August 18 at 1:00 p.m. The two-part session will feature an address by Mark Orne, EVP, Cross Platform Team, Screen Engine/ASI titled, “Entertainment Choice in the Home: Understanding the Impact of Increasingly More Options.” His session will be followed by a fireside chat, “Mass Appeal: Gaming Entertainment, Esports and the Cultural Zeitgeist” between Jennifer Dill vice president, esports, Turner Sports and Howard Homonoff, a leading media industry executive, strategic advisor, and writer. When it became apparent that an in-person meeting would not be safe for members, MFM and its BCCA subsidiary, the media industry’s credit association, decided to make Media Finance Focus 2020, the Associations’ 60 annual conference, a virtual event.

Orne will open the keynote session with a deep dive into the latest data from Screen Engine/ASI’s GETT (Global Entertainment & Technology Tracker) and Tracktion (weekly film, TV show, and video game title awareness and interest tracking) about the proliferation of home entertainment options.

In part two of the session, Dill and Homonoff will explore the content industry’s embrace of the broader definition of “Gamers.” Recent research indicates that the term now encompasses audiences far beyond the stereotype of a young white male in his parents’ basement. That reality is being recognized in cross-platform content that extends beyond the professional matches known as esports into the wider umbrella of gaming culture.

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Author: hafiz 2012