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‘Social Money’ Startup Inks Deal With Rapper Ja Rule, Releases Song With Lil B

Platinum records are coming to cryptocurrency with a new integration between rapper Ja Rule and social currency startup Roll.

Announced Tuesday, Billboard Hot 100 artist Ja Rule has inked a deal with Roll, an Ethereum-based protocol that allows content creators to control their own platforms using cryptocurrency’s native digital scarcity.

“I’ve been following Roll and blockchain technology for a while actually on the sidelines,” Ja Rule said in a statement. “I think it’s the perfect time to partner with a company that can take blockchain technology mainstream. I see it happening in the next few years with the right partners and it’s a very big play.” 

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The concept of social money allows artists to have birth-to-death control over their content, Roll CEO and co-founder Bradley Miles said in an interview with CoinDesk. Tokenizing access to personal work such as music or

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Online Resale Appears to Be Pandemic-Proof

Thredup believes the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the consumer shift towards secondhand e-commerce.

One of the biggest stories to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is the devastation of retail — especially of businesses that relied on brick-and-mortar sales, many of which have declared bankruptcy or shuttered altogether due (at least in part) to the pandemic. But even as discretionary spending has dried up for many Americans, certain segments of retail are apparently thriving. One is online resale — i.e. sites like Thredup, The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective.

On Tuesday, Thredup released the results of its 2020 Resale Report, conducted in partnership with third-party research and analytics firm GlobalData, to examine the trends and trajectory of the $28 billion resale apparel market. Each year, the report illustrates how consumer spending is shifting more and more towards the secondhand market. (It’s worth noting that although data was collected in partnership

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4 Money Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are facing unprecedented levels of economic anxiety threatening to imperil their company’s financial stability. Numerous businesses around the world have shut down due to social distancing measures, with many likely to close permanently. Entrepreneurs and prospective startup owners seeking to avoid this fate need to manage their money carefully, as failing to carefully steward finances right now is a one-way ticket to bankruptcy.

Don’t sit around and wait for financial salvation to miraculously appear. Instead, be proactive and take these steps to protect your company’s future.

1. Take advantage of tax breaks.

Few people hate taxes as much as entrepreneurs who are forced to pay steep fees over and over again. High tax rates diminish commercial growth by limiting the size of a company’s workforce, discouraging renovations and the physical expansion of businesses, and burdening companies with payments that are difficult to shoulder during trying economic times. Avoid paying

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The ‘domestic terrorist’ designation won’t stop extremism

<span class="caption">When blocking a highway, who is a domestic terrorist and who is a peaceful protester? And does it make a legal difference?</span> <span class="attribution"><a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:David Ryder/Getty Images">David Ryder/Getty Images</a></span>
When blocking a highway, who is a domestic terrorist and who is a peaceful protester? And does it make a legal difference? David Ryder/Getty Images

As U.S. politics heat up in advance of the November election, it’s not surprising that extremist groups across the political spectrum are becoming more active and engaged in acts of political violence.

A growing number of scholars and policymakers suggest this problem should be dealt with by designating violent groups as “domestic terrorist” organizations.

Like most students of American extremism, I agree that some members of domestic extremist groups do engage in terrorist acts – using violence to spread fear among targeted groups of people, with the aim of promoting political objectives. Nonetheless, as someone who has studied democracies’ response to domestic terrorism for almost 20 years, I believe that legally designating domestic extremist groups as terrorist organizations will have limited benefits, if any at

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Police unions donate heavily to Sacramento politicians. Are our leaders ‘rolling over’?

Flojaune Cofer sat at the front of an empty Sacramento City Council chamber earlier this month. She was disgusted.

The City Council had passed a budget weeks earlier that included $157 million for the Sacramento Police Department – an all-time high, despite officials calling it a “status quo” pandemic spending plan.

A Black woman who lives in south Sacramento and is head of the Measure U Citizens Advisory Committee, she felt she had let her community down. She wanted to make sure new sales tax money from the Measure U ballot measure went toward uplifting disadvantaged neighborhoods as city politicians had promised it would.

During an impassioned 12-minute speech during a committee meeting broadcast online, she broached a topic rarely discussed by anyone sitting at the City Council dais: the power and influence of the Sacramento Police Officers Association (SPOA).

“I’m sorry that the people don’t have a well-paid union

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Money Inc: Looking for Deals

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When coronavirus first hit, beauty investors sheltered in place and routed efforts toward their existing portfolio companies to make sure that those brands could weather the storm. But now that reopening has begun and private equity executives are emerging into a changed world—one that has undergone several months of a pandemic and the global swell of the Black Lives Matter movement—their perspectives on beauty deals have, at least somewhat, been altered.

The fundamentals remain the same: Investors want growing businesses in attractive categories with good management teams and solid brand DNA. But other aspects—like profitability and a strong direct-to-consumer connection—have taken on even more importance, sources said. Diversity, too, has become a priority for leaders as they assemble boards and pick the companies they invest in, with several sources saying they will consciously work to invest in black-owned businesses and hire black executives

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Creating an online course ‘changed my life’

Like many others, interior stylist Lucy Gough saw her income disappear when the coronavirus hit and naturally felt anxious about her future prospects.

“Within one week the four shoots I’d been prepping for were all cancelled,” she recalls.

However, rather than do nothing, London-based Ms Gough decided to pivot her business and create an online interior styling course after teaching a similar course at London design school Central Saint Martins.

“Even though I’d wanted to create a course for the last year it wasn’t until lockdown was confirmed and all my income evaporated that I started creating it,” she says.

Covering six modules including shoot styling and home staging, Ms Gough launched the self-paced course in mid-May and within two weeks had already attracted 112 students from as far as Canada and Poland. She estimates that the course might make her £20,000 this year.

“It has changed my life in

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