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Delphi Behavioral Health Group Expands Insurance Coverage for New Jersey Patients

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Delphi Behavioral Health Group, a leading nationwide provider of addiction and detox treatment programs, today announced it has expanded its health insurance offering for patients through an in-network contract with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance at all Serenity at Summit and Summit Behavioral Health New Jersey locations.

Since 1932, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey has offered quality health insurance products and services to New Jersey families and businesses. Through this partnership Delphi Behavioral Health Group will be able to provide patients in New Jersey with more options and solutions for essential and potentially life-saving mental health and addiction treatment services.

“We are extremely proud and excited to be working with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, and we feel this partnership could not have come at a better time,” said Dominic Sirianni,

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Private Jet Travel Buying Tips For Companies And Business Travelers

Over the past four months, personal travel has helped the private aviation industry move from a nearly 80% drop in April to within 20% of pre-COVID-19 flight levels.

Those discretionary flights have been a combination of existing customers, first-timers, and returning users. For the latter, think retired CEOs and business owners who are in the high-risk age demographic, but previously didn’t see the value of extra cost versus time savings and convenience.

Of course, those who benefit most from private flights are business travelers who absolutely, positively have to be there, something that’s harder than ever to accomplish flying the airlines.

And then of course there is the risk, both to employees and customers, partners, or whomever else you are flying to visit. As you have probably heard by now, door-to-door, private flights have less than 20 touch points. That compares to over 700 possible opportunities to come in contact

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Keep reduced Medicaid payments to health plans

The full effects of COVID-19 from a personal, societal, business and political standpoint will take years to fully understand. However, one indisputable fact that we know right now is that for health insurers, the decrease in the use of medical services has resulted in a dramatic reduction in medical expenses. In fact, utilization of non-emergent health care services declined by 30-50 percent over the first half of 2020.

When Michiganders moved from the workplace to in-home quarantine, employment statuses changed, and income became uncertain for many. In response, Priority Health, and many other insurers, adjusted premiums and waived cost sharing for many important services and benefits. In the Affordable Care Act market, Priority Health was one of the first insurance plans in the nation to provide premium credits to small group and individual members. We worked quickly to ensure our members, friends, neighbors and fellow Michiganders could maintain their coverage.

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A Guide to Tax-Advantaged S Corp Health Insurance Deductions

Wooden cubes stacking of healthcare medicine and hospital icons on table

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Wooden cubes stacking of healthcare medicine and hospital icons on table

As you decide on your business structure, you’re probably considering each type’s legal and financial protections. It’s unlikely you’re thinking about the tax implications of your healthcare costs. That’s where the S corporation business tax structure can surprise many business owners.

Business owners start corporations to insulate themselves from their company’s debts. Some corporations can elect S corporation taxation to avoid the double taxation that comes with traditional C corporations.

S corporations further advantage owners involved in management because they can pay themselves in dividends after a reasonable salary. Dividends are subject to federal and state income tax but not payroll taxes.

But the S corporation waters muddy when it comes to providing owners with health insurance benefits. Follow our guide to achieve the maximum tax advantage for S corporation owners’ health insurance.

How do health

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A lack of diversity in Nashville’s health care upper ranks

It’s been a point of pride in Nashville’s health care community just how many companies trace their roots back to HCA, the nation’s largest hospital chain, valued at more than $45 billion. It’s locally known as the “family tree” and has made the city a national hub for health care services. But health care leaders in the city also say it has failed to build critical diversity within its upper ranks.

In Nashville’s dominant health care sector, Chris Poole is one of the few Black entrepreneurs.

“Given where society was when health care got started in this town, there just isn’t really anyone who looks like me who is in that circle,” he said.

That circle was only white men when HCA incorporated in 1968.

Poole got his start with a health care investment fund. He now leads a startup called ThriveAP that helps hospitals support new nurse practitioners and

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Culinary and Bartenders unions announce extended benefits from MGM, Caesars

Culinary and Bartenders union members will have their family health benefits in place until March 1 of next year, even if they are currently laid off or furloughed.

The unions announced new agreements with MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment Inc. Monday, the same day 18,000 domestic MGM Resorts workers were laid off.

The new agreement also includes two year recall rights for union workers who were laid off as a result of COVID-19, which means they can return to their same jobs with full seniority as business improves.

Negotiations began March 11, and the new terms cover roughly 36,000 union workers across 22 Strip properties, according to a news release.

“Behind every worker is a family, and we are proud to have partnered with MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment during this difficult time to ensure workers are protected during this pandemic and are not left behind when the economy

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Hacienda execs indicted, facility to pay Arizona $11M over Medicaid fraud


Exterior of Hacienda HealthCare facility in Phoenix on Feb. 18, 2019. (Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic)

Two former officers of a Phoenix facility where an incapacitated woman was raped and gave birth have been indicted on criminal fraud charges, and the facility will pay Arizona more than $11 million for years of inflated Medicaid billings.

Board members of Hacienda HealthCare on Wednesday acknowledged receiving millions of dollars that it didn’t earn from the state as part of a civil settlement with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

A grand jury this week indicted Hacienda’s former chief executive officer and chief financial officer on multiple fraud charges. Authorities accused Bill Timmons and Joseph O’Malley of orchestrating a complex scheme to artificially jack up costs through a series of connected businesses.

State prosecutors allege Timmons and O’Malley used direct and indirect costs, inflated expense reports and false bills to bilk the state’s low-income

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AccentCare, Fairview Health Services form post-acute business

Dallas-based AccentCare and Minneapolis-based Fairview Health Services plan to launch a new post-acute business in Minnesota.

AccentCare, a post-acute healthcare provider, will be the majority owner in the business, and Fairview, a not-for-profit health system, will retain a 20% stake in the company, according to a news release. The deal is expected to close Nov. 2.

The new business, AccentCare Fairview, will be the preferred post-acute provider of home health and hospice services for Fairview, according to the release.

“Today is the culmination of a journey we have been on to solidify a future of service-minded, quality home health and hospice care for Minnesotans in their most cherished environment—their homes,” AccentCare CEO Steve Rodgers said in a prepared statement.

AccentCare has more than 30 partnerships with insurance companies, physician groups and health systems, including the joint-venture companies AccentCare Asante Home Health, AccentCare UC San Diego Health at Home, AccentCare UCLA

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Health insurance rates for individual coverage to decrease in the coming year

Health insurance rates for Mainers who buy individual coverage will be down an average of just over 13 percent in the coming year.

That is according to new numbers from the Maine Bureau of Insurance. The change applies only to people who buy their own insurance, not to group plans.

“This is the third year in a row rates have gone down…this is the first time in my recollection we’ve had a double-digit rate decrease,” says Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa.

He says this is good news, especially for those who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

“They can go on the exchange during their special enrollment period or enroll for next year when these rates take effect and have a more affordable option,” says Cioppa.

Cioppa says much of the rate decrease is the result of the state’s reinsurance program, which pays some of the costs associated

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Step-by-Step guide to choosing Health Insurance- The New Indian Express

Express News Service

It is amazing to see the kind of risk that people take with medical insurance! Or rather the kind of insurance that people take! Let me enumerate them…  I know of couples who gave up their own medical insurance when their son / daughter joined a big company which covered them. Now the son/daughter have left that job and have zero insurance. His age is 73 and she is 69. Both of them have some complications and are uninsurable.

 I know of people who have taken a lot of cancer cover – but not enough medical insurance. How is one to know that one will not have other problems – like Covid-19, liver failure, kidney failure, etc.? A general big insurance is much better than Cancer cover. Not knowing how to buy medical insurance – people go and buy a big (its relative, is it not?)  People

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