Day: September 10, 2020

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Riskalyze Fintech Report Card: August 2020

Asset-Map Brings Industry Leaders Together (Virtually)

thumbs up What Happened: Asset-Map hosted AdviceTech.LIVE, a one-day digital conference designed around helping advisors see how technology solutions can work together in their businesses.

Why It Matters: I had a great time participating in this one. Asset-Map’s one-day digital event gave advisors, who are relying on technology more than ever because of mandated remote work, a chance to catch up on what’s new and what’s coming up in advisor tech. And let’s not forget the bigger picture—half of all ticket sales benefited CFP Board diversity initiatives. Well done, Adam and team.

Apex Clearing Hires Tricia Rothschild as President

thumbs up What Happened: Former Morningstar executive Tricia Rothschild joined Apex Clearing as its new president. Tom Valverde also joined Apex as general manager of its advisory division.

Why It Matters: People ask me all the time: “Are you concerned about consolidation in the industry?” Every time the merger

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A lack of diversity in Nashville’s health care upper ranks

It’s been a point of pride in Nashville’s health care community just how many companies trace their roots back to HCA, the nation’s largest hospital chain, valued at more than $45 billion. It’s locally known as the “family tree” and has made the city a national hub for health care services. But health care leaders in the city also say it has failed to build critical diversity within its upper ranks.

In Nashville’s dominant health care sector, Chris Poole is one of the few Black entrepreneurs.

“Given where society was when health care got started in this town, there just isn’t really anyone who looks like me who is in that circle,” he said.

That circle was only white men when HCA incorporated in 1968.

Poole got his start with a health care investment fund. He now leads a startup called ThriveAP that helps hospitals support new nurse practitioners and

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U.S. global media agency demanded outlets return money for internet freedom projects

The official and others spoke to POLITICO on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to talk to the media.

What the outlets did: In response to the agency’s demands, Middle East Broadcasting Networks provided a paper check of $500,000, and Radio Free Asia provided a check worth $2.9 million, according to two people familiar with the matter. Until last year, the OTF was a program of Radio Free Asia. It’s unclear how Radio Free Europe responded to the order.

The plans: USAGM wants to reallocate the money to other internet freedom projects, and according to a separate agency employee, USAGM officials have been in touch in recent months with the maker of Ultrasurf, software that provides internet firewall circumvention code and which was developed by a member of the Falun Gong, a persecuted Chinese religious minority.

For the last several years, USAGM had refused to provide money for Ultrasurf

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How to Find Reliable Platforms for Your Trading Success

With the Internet, it has become easier to trade currencies and the commodity market. More individuals are now making money trading online from the comfort of their homes. However, there are certain things you should take into consideration to ensure successful trading like the choice of trading platforms.

Finding a reliable Broker is vital to trading the foreign market. To know what a reliable platform entails, readAbout UFX Trading for an ideal of what you should consider in looking for otherreliable trading platforms. However, customer reviews can also help you find reliable trading platforms from the numerous ones we have online.

How Customer Experience Can Help You find Reliable Platforms

There are many brokers offering trading platforms to individuals. With the increasing numbers of brokers, we also have cases of many cases of complaints. To enjoy your trading activities, you should find a reliable trading platform reading … Read More