Day: September 5, 2020

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Health insurance rates for individual coverage to decrease in the coming year

Health insurance rates for Mainers who buy individual coverage will be down an average of just over 13 percent in the coming year.

That is according to new numbers from the Maine Bureau of Insurance. The change applies only to people who buy their own insurance, not to group plans.

“This is the third year in a row rates have gone down…this is the first time in my recollection we’ve had a double-digit rate decrease,” says Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa.

He says this is good news, especially for those who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

“They can go on the exchange during their special enrollment period or enroll for next year when these rates take effect and have a more affordable option,” says Cioppa.

Cioppa says much of the rate decrease is the result of the state’s reinsurance program, which pays some of the costs associated

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F1’s constructor definition is “out of date”

The Austrian’s view clashes with the prevailing mood in the paddock in the wake of the Racing Point copying case, with the FIA confirming that it wants to ensure that teams fully comply with the requirement to design their own listed parts.

Tost believes that his team should be allowed to take even more advantage of its relationship with sister outfit Red Bull Racing, with the two teams sharing resources via design facility Red Bull Technology.

“The personal opinion from my side is that teams should be able to buy much more from another team,” said Austrian. “Why? Because for me this philosophy that every team must be a constructor is out of date.

“I know all the F1 purists say, ‘Ah, we must be a constructor. Every team must design everything in-house.’ The question is, and you know the engineers are saying this, but how do you finance everything?

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The rise of individuals around the globe investing in health insurance | The Global Dispatch

Investing in health insurance is an innovation that more and more individuals around the globe are finally beginning to take grasp of. Health insurance is one of those additional costs that for many individuals feels like a money pit that offers no overwhelming value, however healthcare is all about being there when you need it to be. For some individuals, the investment in healthcare offers more value immediately than it does for others, however ultimately what is going to happen for any one person and any given time is there will be a point where they do need health care insurance on their side. For this reason (and so many others), healthcare insurance is worthwhile and valuable in and of itself.

And today, there is a significant rise in the number of individuals around the globe who are realising the full potential and investment of health care insurance. This is

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Companies must help employees to make paperless expense claims

a person using a laptop computer: The irritation that Indian employees are reportedly feeling, stems from the fact that most expense claimssystems are not supportive of the usual practices they follow in their daily lives.

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The irritation that Indian employees are reportedly feeling, stems from the fact that most expense claims
systems are not supportive of the usual practices they follow in their daily lives.

With the unprecedented number of people working from home, 2020 has turned out to be a watershed year for companies to manage employee productivity. While we marvel at the maturity of cloud services and digital technologies that have enabled this massive migration of work from office to home, many business processes and policies remain old world, paper based and manual, especially administrative and finance ones. Such administrative and finance processes, mainly expense claims and invoice processing, are mandatory but take up plenty of the employee’s time which can otherwise be used to deliver more meaningful work. This inflicts significant costs on businesses and the economy and causes frustration for the employees at the same

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