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This self-help platform automates the management of business SIM cards

In these uncertain times we are all aware of the crunch our economy is facing. We’re all being told to watch our spend and businesses are really starting to examine ways to do that; and mobile data costs are no different.

In the traditional office environment, managing mobile connectivity and data use was not such a serious issue for IT managers, as data costs were essentially a part of the overall fixed network spend. But with the “new normal”, where more people are working remotely, it is proving to be quite a challenge.

With more companies looking for simple, yet ingenious, ways for their employees to conduct business independently it is proving essential to control and better manage mobile data costs.

Companies need to be able to scale up and scale down, at the drop of a hat, as and when the environment changes. Staying flexible with regard to mobile

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What Is The Ownership Structure Like For Financial Institutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:FISI)?

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A look at the shareholders of Financial Institutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:FISI) can tell us which group is most powerful. Generally speaking, as a company grows, institutions will increase their ownership. Conversely, insiders often decrease their ownership over time. Companies that used to be publicly owned tend to have lower insider ownership.

Financial Institutions is a smaller company with a market capitalization of US$247m, so it may still be flying under the radar of many institutional investors. In the chart below, we can see that institutions are noticeable on the share registry. We can zoom in on the different ownership groups, to learn more about Financial Institutions.

Check out our latest analysis for Financial Institutions

What Does The Institutional Ownership Tell Us About Financial Institutions?

Institutions typically measure themselves against a

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Graduate assistants, USF at odds over health premiums

After a heated bargaining session with University of South Florida officials last week, the union representing the school’s graduate assistants appealed to a higher authority Monday, calling on the Board of Trustees to meet its demands.

The request came at a virtual news conference that followed two recent protests, including one outside the home of USF president Steve Currall.

Graduate Assistants United, which represents more than 2,000 graduate students, has been in negotiations with the university’s bargaining team since January over their contract, which stipulates their stipends and benefits. Their existing contract expired at the end of June.

Related: USF graduate students roll out a new kind of protest outside president’s house

While in earlier sessions they sought higher wages, paid parental leave and dental insurance, the union is now asking that the university cover the full costs of health insurance premiums, which are set to rise, and eliminate student

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Where Can You Invest Your Money?

Savings should be encouraged, but it is better to invest your money and watch it grow. There are minimal benefits of saving money, but with the right investment, you can be assured of excellent financial security. However, investments can be risky, making many people prefer keeping their money than taking these risks.

What factors will reduce these risks, and are there companies that can guarantee safe investments? You must invest with the right companies with excellent services, and they should ensure growth in your finances.

How to Choose an Investment Company

With the right investments, you will make money, and it will put you at ease to know that your payment is secured. But how do we know that a company is the right financial institution to invest and feel safe. Read Silver Gold Bull Reviewsas one of the companies to consider for your investment amongst other great companies.… Read More

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When will you get your next coronavirus stimulus check?

Officials are moving closer and closer to a deal that would put more money directly into your pocket as the country continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (above) and his fellow Republicans have introduced a relief package that includes a repeat of those popular “stimulus checks” of up to $1,200 that most Americans got earlier this year. And this time, families would get bigger payouts.

The proposal is very similar to one the Democratic-controlled U.S. House passed a couple of months ago — but not close enough to avoid congressional bickering that could keep you from getting your money quickly.

Here’s what we know about the timing of the next round of checks, direct deposits and debit cards.

How the second stimulus checks are shaping up

ungvar / Shutterstock
The new payments will be the same as the last ones, except for families.

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‘What enemies have I indicted?’ Four takeaways as William Barr spars with House Democrats

Attorney General William Barr is sworn in before testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on 28 July, 2020: REUTERS
Attorney General William Barr is sworn in before testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on 28 July, 2020: REUTERS

Attorney General William Barr sustained a number of attacks from House Democrats during a sometimes-contentious hearing on Tuesday, managing to deliver a few shots of his own.

Mr Barr took a rhetorical lashing from the start during a hearing, delayed in dramatic fashion when House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler was involved in a minor car accident, as the New York Democrat came out firing. He accused Mr Barr of waging a “war” on his own Justice Department to “protect” his boss, the president.

A two-time Cabinet member and no stranger to the hot seat before a committee controlled by hostile Democrats, Mr Barr toggled between listening to the opposition party’s charges of corruption and presidential interference by sitting stone-faced or raising his voice during several tense exchanges.


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Virgin Galactic shows off passenger spaceship cabin interior

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Passengers flying Virgin Galactic on suborbital trips into space will be able to see themselves floating weightless against the backdrop of the Earth below while 16 cameras document the adventures, the company said Tuesday.

Highly detailed amenities to enhance the customer flight experience were shown in an online event revealing the cabin of the company’s rocket plane, a type called SpaceShipTwo, which is undergoing testing in preparation for commercial service.

There are a dozen windows for viewing, seats that will be customized for each flight’s six passengers and capable of adjusting for G forces, and, naturally, mood lighting.

Yet designer Jeremy Brown said the passengers’ most lasting impression may come from a large mirror at the rear of the cabin.

“We think that there’s a real memory burn that customers are going to have when they see that analog reflection of themselves in the back of

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Aspiration Review: The big bank alternative

Aspiration defies easy labels. It’s almost like this financial company is daring you to categorize it.

It’s not a bank, though it offers accounts that are sort of like checking accounts, sort of like savings accounts. Plus, it has debit cards, offers better-than-the-usual interest, provides cash back and has a do-gooder vibe.

The MoneyWise editorial team developed a grading system — taking into account fees, features and other factors — to prescribe the four-star rating shared in this first-person review. The opinions and writing in this article are solely my own, conveying my experience with Aspiration as a product. Other customer’s outcomes may differ.

MoneyWise Rating: 4 stars (out of a possible 5)

Courtesy of Aspiration Partners, Inc.

As a customer with one of the “Spend & Save” accounts, I’d use quirky to describe Aspiration, and I mean that in a good, likable way. Fees are voluntary, the debit

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Miami Man, 29, Spent PPP Money On Lamborghini: Feds

MIAMI, FL — A 29-year-old Miami man has been accused of using $3.9 million in Paycheck Protection Program money to buy a $318,000 Lamborghini Huracan for himself and make other lavish purchases.

David T. Hines, 29, of Miami, Florida, was charged with one count of bank fraud, one count of making false statements to a financial institution and one count of engaging in transactions in unlawful proceeds.

“The complaint alleges that Hines sought approximately $13.5 million in PPP loans through applications to an insured financial institution on behalf of different companies,” federal prosecutors said. “The complaint alleges that Hines caused to be submitted fraudulent loan applications that made numerous false and misleading statements about the companies’ respective payroll expenses. The financial institution approved and funded approximately $3.9 million in loans.”

U.S. Attorney Ariana Fajardo Orshan of Miami announced the charges Monday along with Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian C. Rabbitt

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An Expert Guide To Buying & Styling Affordable Art For Your Home

Art is an immense and relative term, making it either a dream or a nightmare for those attempting to navigate it on a buyer’s level. Regardless of if you’re deciding where to hang a print, debating whether or not to pull the trigger on a first acquisition, or still wondering where the hell to even start your search, the artwork-purchasing process can feel like a tremendous endeavor — but, you don’t need to feel intimidated by it. We tapped experts across the online art-space to break down any stigmas still surrounding researching, buying, and home-styling quality pieces as beginners on a budget.

We’ve come a long way from an art world that once felt accessible to insiders only; today the influx of online galleries allows both buyers and artists all around the globe to seamlessly connect across a multitude of mediums, styles, and price points. Ahead, the stylists, curators, editorial

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